Origynal Cynn is a major bad-ass. This bald, tatooed and multi-pierced beauty gives as good as she gets... and on MOST days, even MORE!

Cynn has NO respect for the little lotus blossom PINK ROSE, and likewise, the Asian Assassin doesn't care much for this "neanderthal nympho" (her words, not ours!) so the chance to partake in a no rules, no ref, anything goes and MORE was something both Slamazons were ready willing and able to take part in. And WE got the chance to bring it to you!

So grab your beverage of choice, settle back, and don't miss a second of the action in this great adventure brought to you in Slammin' color (and 28 pages to boot!).


SLAMAZONS # 5 - $14 - PayPal OR VISA & MasterCard!

NOTE: Order is fulfilled via ZIPPED file containing all needed html pages and jpegs.