SLAMAZONS is an all-new comic series presented by PIN! & Ink. Our sexy roster of battling beauties feature the toughest, curviest babes in or out of the ring. Our premiere match pits big busty blonde BUBBLES BURSTE against the chic chick GENA GLAMOUR, wrestling a single fall match.

BUBBLES loves wrestling almost as much as she loves the wrestlers, and she's been smitten with GENA since she first laid eyes on her, and she's excited about rumbling with the hot little newcomer. Gena, on the other hand, is fully aware of Bubble's lust, and she doesn't know if she's going to have more trouble handling Bubble's lust or her leglocks!

It's all in fun though, and SLAMAZONS knows how to keep it clean but sexy. No nudity, but great action in art by great artists... in this case, well known wrestling artist BOLE, whose work graced PIN! & Ink's "HAIR, REF!" magazines.

24 images you can view online AND download to your computer. NOTHING mailed to you. REMEMBER... allow up to 24 hours for authorization. We'll send you passwords AND the URL, so stay cool... until you see the SLAMAZONS, that is!


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